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19. Jänner um 22:00 im KABARETT NIEDERMAIR

Just before Sarah’s birthday party is about to start, she gets a phone call from her boyfriend who breaks up with her. Fortunately, there is Paul, Sarah’s best friend. Unfortunately, Paul loves Sarah. Fortunately, Sarah doesn’t know that. Unfortunately, Paul tells her that. Fortunately, they have an idea. They play a game. They pretend not to know each other to find out, if they could be more than best friends. And from this moment on everything is different. Very, very different. What a party!

Written and played by: Gerhard Walter and Christina Scherrer

Directed by: Anna K. Winkler

Link zum Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G45Wu75JH-Y

Kartenreservierungen unter: 01 / 408 44 92

Christina Scherrer: www.christinascherrer.at
Gerhard Walter: www.gerhardwalter.at


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